Discover the Beauty of Indie Gaming: Stunning Titles You Need to Play

There have been some serious moments of late where I literally have had my breath taken away by how thoughtfully and beautifully designed some games are, so I thought I’d share the ones who’ve captivated me with you, so you can experience their magic too.

In this article I’m going to be featuring some of the most stunning indie games I’ve played, and showing them off, make sure to add any you like to your wishlist so we can support the developers of these amazing games

Station to Station

Station to Station is an absolutely gorgeous, train themed, voxel art style game where you need to connect up various different resource buildings to be able to manufacture different items and supply your cities with everything they need. While seemingly simple, you’ll need to carefully balance your budget to make sure you can build the tracks you need, and with the buildings randomly generated it can get pretty difficult. This one is a perfect relaxing and cozy puzzler that will keep you coming back for more.

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Enshrouded is stunning open world survival crafter game that features a truly beautiful world environment. You’ll embark on an epic fantasy adventure taking on the role of the flameborn as you venture into the realm of Embervale. Starting with nothing, you’ll need to scavenge for resources, construct your base, and explore the land to unlock the ancient power of the flame, and vanquish the magical shroud brought on by your ancestors. Enshrouded features multiplayer, co-op functionality, so you can play with up to 15 people in a server and defeat the shroud together. With epic base building, mutated monsters, and a whole magic and combat side, this is a game that is both visually stunning and fun to play too!

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botany manor

Botany Manor sees you step into the shoes of a retired botanist on a journey to prove herself to the greater botany community by publishing her own book full of research about different plants. It’s up to you to gather all the research and put it all to the test by making each plant successfully bloom. You’ll explore the absolutely stunning manor and it’s ground to locate all of the clues to be able to complete the book, and you can honestly get lost in the beauty of this game. Botany Manor definitely creates a charming and relaxing environment, that has a very high level of attention to detail and just feels like such a cozy game to play. This is arguably one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played.

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Tchia is an open world adventure game set in a beautiful tropical island environment. You play as Chia, who has the magical ability to take control of any animal or object you find. You can fly as a bird or swim as a fish, or dig the treasure as a dog with over 30 different animals to find and take control of. You’ll be able to jump, glide and sail your way across the stunning world facing up against your mysterious enemies and if that wasn’t already a ton to keep you engaged. You can also play the ukulele. Tchia features an absolutely stunning island world that really takes your breath away.

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a highland song

You can journey across the Scottish highlands in A Highland Song, where you follow Moira as you make your way to the sea for the first time. In this stunning platformer game, you’ll need to navigate across various landscapes and battle against the wind, rain and cold to survive. Navigation is key, and you can find map fragments to help you on your way, and don’t forget to learn the secrets and stories of the hills as you meet other adventurers along the way. And if that wasn’t already enough to sell you on the charm of this game A Highland Song incorporates a music element too, allowing you to jump and skip through the valleys to an incredible soundtrack as the landscape itself forms around the shape of the music.

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pacific drive

Pacific Drive is a unique game that skillfully blends sci-fi and horror to create an unparalleled paranormal horror experience. In the game, players are thrust into a restricted zone, which has been cordoned off by the government following some disastrous experiments. Equipped with only a peculiarly loyal station wagon, players are required to scavenge for resources and explore the zone in a quest to find a way out. The game is renowned for its immersive storyline and innovative mechanics, though it’s not for the faint-hearted, and it features a world that is not only really stunning, but also totally captivating.

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lightyear frontier

Lightyear Frontier is a cozy farming and crafting game that takes you offworld. You’ll find yourself on an alien planet that has been overtaken by nature, with certain parts rendered barren by noxious slime and weeds. In order to clean up the planet and uncover what lies behind its mysterious doors, you’ll need the help of your trusty mech. The game involves exploring the planet, gathering resources, growing crops, crafting different materials, and upgrading your tools. The world of this game is truly beautifully designed with a range of cute animals and landscapes that are both distinct and stunning. With a captivating storyline and no health or hunger concerns to worry about, Lightyear Frontier offers a truly cozy gaming experience.

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In Lake you’ll take on the role of the town mailperson when you fill in for your father after he wins a 2 week vacation. In this cozy game you’ll be given different packages and letters to deliver throughout the town, and with the help of your trusty mail van, you’ll get the mail delivered in no time at all. You’ll be quickly drawn in to the small town world of Providence Oaks, with a side of small town drama, and the beautiful picturesque location that will definitely make you want to visit this stunning town. There’s also a DLC set in winter so you can experience this beautiful game covered in a layer of snow that is perfect for when you want to snuggle up and play something cozy! This is definitely one of the most beautiful games out there.

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bulwark: falconeer chronicles

Set sail on an epic oceanic adventure in Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles, a sandbox city builder set in a post apocalyptic world on the Great Ursee. The design of this game is absolutely stunning creating a world that really captures the moodiness of the ocean, and establishes a whole world with attention to detail that is next level. Bringing a steam punk-esque vibe to the design, you could literally spend hours exploring the vast seas and unlocking all of it’s beautiful mysteries. Paired with some unique city building mechanics that encourage you to get creative with how you build, this is a game you can take at your own pace, and really create a masterpiece within what is already such a beautiful game.

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Viewfinder sees you enter a simulation where you can alter reality with just a photo. You’ll be required to manipulate different environments using photos that materialise to work your way through the simulation and figure out how to save the world from a catastrophic climate event. Once you get past the mindboggling mechanics, this beautifully designed game will have you scratching your head for hours on end, but with some out of the box thinking and the help of your trusty kitty sidekick, you may just make it to the end.

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Jusant is a stunning climbing simulator game that sees you making your way from the dried up ocean floor to the top of the tower. You’ll need to get your thinking caps on to work out how to navigate different sections of the climb, harnessing different abilities to ensure a safe journey to the top. With a gorgeous graphic style and a seriously beautiful atmospheric sound design, this game will leave you feeling on top of the world.

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That’s a wrap on the most stunning indie games I’ve played. What are you favourite beautiful indies? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, stay caffeinated.