Why Little Kitty Big City Will Steal Your Heart: A Comprehensive Review

Ever wondered what your feline friends get up to when you’re not around? The new game Little Kitty Big City provides a glimpse into their adventurous lives. In this review, we’ll delve into the gameplay, story, performance, design, and originality of this game, assessing each aspect on a scale from decaf to fully caffeinated.

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In Little Kitty Big City, you step into the paws of an indoor cat who accidentally falls off a balcony while sunbathing and needs to navigate its way back home. This task proves to be challenging due to the cat’s limited understanding of the outside world, leading to a journey of exploration. The game’s story is a testament to a cat’s attention span as the main character gets frequently sidetracked by different animals and shiny objects. Despite being told through dialogue bubbles, the story is immersive and entertaining, filled with cute and wholesome vibes. For its captivating narrative, Little Kitty Big City earns a rating of Fully Caffeinated.


The core of Little Kitty Big City is an adventure exploration simulation. As a player, you get to perform various cat-like maneuvers to interact with the world. The main quest requires returning home, but various sub-quests and numerous distractions make the journey more complex and exciting. You need to collect and eat fish, avoid dogs, assist other animals, and even collect cute hats. Despite some minor quirks, the gameplay offers a wide variety of quests and activities, warranting a Fully Caffeinated rating.


Performance-wise, Little Kitty Big City runs smoothly, especially when played with a controller. The game experienced minimal issues, apart from the somewhat problematic drag functionality. Otherwise, it was bug-free and offered a seamless playing experience, earning it a Juiced rating.


The design of Little Kitty Big City is nothing short of adorable. The cat’s movements and mannerisms are lifelike, making the gameplay experience more authentic. The soundtrack complements the chaos perfectly, and the sound effects add a layer of realism. The game captures the essence of wholesome and cozy vibes juxtaposed with elements of chaos, earning it a Fully Caffeinated rating for design.


iLittle Kitty Big City puts a unique spin on the exploration sim adventure genre. While many of the mechanics may be familiar, the cat-centric interpretation gives the game a distinct feel. It’s comparable to other cat games like Stray, but the combination of cute and wholesome vibes with a chaotic city setting sets it apart. For its original take on cat games and exploration, Little Kitty Big City receives a Fully Caffeinated rating for originality.


In conclusion, Little Kitty Big City is a charming and wholesome game that allows players to experience the perfect kitty life. It’s a game for everyone, whether you enjoy causing chaos by knocking pots off ledges or prefer to play it safe. It’s family-friendly and offers about 3 hours of playtime, making it an excellent choice for younger gamers. Little Kitty Big City is available on Steam, Xbox (including game pass), and Switch right now. After careful review, our final verdict is: Little Kitty Big City is fully caffeinated!

Check out Little Kitty Big City here: https://bit.ly/3OeevPD

Until next time, stay caffeinated!