What’s new in indie gaming this week: July 8th

Welcome to the weekly brew, where we quench your thirst for indie game news.

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Satisfactory is getting it’s 1.0 release

After four years of early access, the open world automation sim Satisfactory is finally getting its 1.0 release on September 10th! Build factories on an alien planet, contend with resource node changes, recipe tweaks, and research tree updates. And yes, you can finally flush the toilet in the hub! Click here for more info

Build a Magical Garden Inside a Tiny Pocket World

Tiny Garden, a game where you cultivate a whimsical garden inside a 90s Polly Pocket-esque toy, has launched its Kickstarter campaign! Relive your childhood planting pixelated veggies and decorating with adorable furniture. Check out the Kickstarter here

Cozy City Puzzler Terrascape Gets 1.0 Release

The relaxing city-building puzzler Terrascape is graduating to version 1.0 on July 17th. Strategically combine hexagons featuring different buildings to grow your kingdom. With single and multiplayer options, this is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy a slower pace. Click here for more info!

Critter Crops Gets New Release Date

The colorful farming sim with a witchy twist, Critter Crops, has a new release date of July 22nd. Take on the role of Sylvie and restore Mutter Island by cultivating magical creatures. Originally planned for April, this delay allows for extra testing and quality assurance. Wishlist it here

Kaku: Ancient Seal Arrives at Version 1.0 This Week

Open world action adventure Kaku: Ancient Seal is getting its 1.0 launch this week! Expect four vast maps, revamped combat mechanics, the introduction of divine powers, epic boss battles, and more. This magical adventure hits 1.0 on July 12th. Check it out here

The Operator Cracks the Case on July 22nd

The Operator, a detective puzzle game where you play as a new FDI investigator, has a release date of July 22nd. Utilize cutting-edge tech to solve crimes and unravel a hidden conspiracy in this modern take on detective work. Wishlist it here

Spilled's New Demo Makes a Splash!

Spilled, the game where you clean up our waterways, has released a new demo featuring stunning graphical upgrades thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Dive into the demo on Steam now! Play the demo here

Preserve has announced it’s release date

The cozy nature-building puzzle game Preserve is heading to early access on August 8th. Build ecosystems by strategically placing animals and plants in this hexagon-based puzzler. The early access launch includes a new marine biome and over 25 puzzles. Wishlist it here!

Upcoming Releases this week

We’ve got some amazing games set for release this week!

  • Happy Sheepies – a sheep farming game drops July 8th
  • Ark of Charon – a colony sim where you build a mobile fortress on the back of a giant walking tree drops July 8th
  • Anger Foot – A fast paced FPS where your ass kicking feet are the main stars launches July 11th
  • Horticular – a cozy garden builder where you bring back life to a magical garden launches July 11th
  • The Last Alchemist – a fantasy exploration sim where you solve alchemical puzzles and master the wonders of alchemy drops July 12th


Upcoming on The Indie Brew this week

And this week on The Indie Brew we’ve got some awesome content coming your way

  • We’ve got a feature on Casual Cozy games you need to play coming, featuring some of our favourite casual games to jump into
  • Up for review this week is the emotional visual novel Until Then
  • And we’ll be taking a very early first sip of the upcoming cozy scrapbooking game Pieced Together

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