What happened this week in Indie Gaming: May 27th

Welcome to your weekly serving of all things Indie game-related. We strive to keep you updated on the latest and greatest in the Indie gaming world. This week, we have a plethora of updates and releases to share with you.

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Len's Island Update

Len’s Island, known for its engaging gameplay, is introducing a new icy-themed update. This update, launching May 27th, promises to take players on an exhilarating adventure with new enemy stronghold islands, weapons, and armor sets. The highlight of this update is a major boss fight that will test players’ skills. Additionally, new resources, fishing pools, and frozen mining islands will add depth to the game’s rich environment. Find out more here

I Am future update

‘I am Future’, a popular early access title, launched a solar energy update, adding a new rooftop area to explore and a week cycle, weather, tools, and a solar generator and battery system. The game is currently 35% off on Steam, making it the perfect time to start your survival journey. Find out more here.

duckside beta announcement

Duckside is planning a second public beta for June 6th. With over 150k sign-ups and valuable feedback from the first beta, the developers are ready to introduce new features, mechanics, hats, and game improvements for the players to test. You can sign up for the beta now right here.

Train Valley World Release Announcement

Another game to keep an eye on is Train Valley World. This transport tycoon game, set against the backdrop of efficient global railroads, is set to release on August 8th. The game promises to be a must-have for those who love strategy and management games. Find out more here.

The King is Watching demo launch

The medieval-themed roguelite kingdom builder, King is Watching, has launched its demo on Steam. The game challenges players to defend their castle against waves of enemies and grow their kingdom. The demo is available now for players who want a taste of this engaging gameplay. Find out more here.

RAWMEN Release Announcement

In a fun twist, RAWMEN, a free-to-play food fighter arena, announced its arrival on the Epic games store on July 23rd. This epic food-fighting battle, complete with soup slinging and feast flinging, invites up to 7 players for a thrilling culinary showdown. Find out more here.

Drill Core Beta announcement

Drill Core, a mining-themed strategy game, announced a new playtest. The game offers a unique blend of roguelike and colony sim gameplay where players drill into planets, manage workers, research tech, and fortify against alien attacks. Find out more here.

New Extraction Shooter Announcement

New on the horizon is an open-world PVPVE game set in the desert, SAND. Players will build gigantic tramplers to conquer the environment, scavenge for resources, and survive in a harsh, player-filled world. The game’s FPS extraction shooter gameplay is sure to offer exciting, intense battles. Find out more here.

New Kingdom 2 Crowns DLC

Kingdom 2 Crowns is introducing a new Greek-themed DLC. The Call of Olympus DLC features a new ancient Greece setting and divine quests, offering powerful rewards for completion. While a release date has yet to be announced, fans of Kingdom 2 Crowns should keep this DLC on their radar. Find out more here.

New Racing Sim Announced

Headup Games announced a new racing sim game, Screw Drivers, set for early access release in the coming months. In this game, players can build their car from the ground up, combining different building blocks and mechanical parts, and test their creations on the race track. Find out more here.

Core Keeper 1.0 Announcement

Core Keeper is set to launch its 1.0 version and will also be coming to consoles. The exact details of the launch are being kept under wraps, but players can expect new content, features, and quality of life improvements. Find out more here.

Slime Rancher 2 update

Finally, Slime Rancher 2’s spring update is coming this week. The update introduces an in-game shop feature, Pronto Mart, where players can purchase items for adventuring and ranching. The game is also expanding with a conservatory, providing more room for ranching, and a new batch of slime toys. Find out more here.

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