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Roots of Pacha Xbox Release

Fans of the farming life sim Roots of Pacha rejoice! The game is finally making its way to Xbox as part of its 1.2 update. This update also brings cross-play functionality, allowing you to play with friends on Xbox. The update adds even more to the game, introducing kids, pets, and new locations to explore. Dive into the full 1.2 update on all platforms on July 31st. Learn more about the Roots of Pacha 1.2 update

Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles update

A new update is on the horizon for Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles, the sandbox city builder game set on the great Ursee. The Architecture and Accuracy update is set to launch on June 27th and will bring major improvements to the game’s faction architecture, creating a more cohesive and unique look for the bannerless faction. Read more about the Bulwark Falconeer Chronicles Architecture and Accuracy update

Creatures of Ava release date announced

The wait is almost over for creature saving game Creatures of Ava. This unique title sees you explore stunning landscapes on a journey to tame, befriend, and save fantastical creatures from a mysterious infection called the Withering. Creatures of Ava will be launching on August 7th. Learn more about Creatures of Ava

New trailer for Lou's Lagoon

Lou’s Lagoon has launched a new trailer and announced a Kickstarter campaign for the game. This open-world life sim lets you take to the skies to deliver mail while searching for your missing Uncle in a beautiful tropical island setting. Lou’s Lagoon is definitely a game to keep an eye on. Watch the trailer below.

Queensland Games Festival Recap

The Queensland Games Festival wrapped up over the weekend, showcasing some of Australia’s best up-and-coming games. Among those exhibited were Servonauts (a co-op fueling chaos game), On Point (a VR lightgun shooter), Delverium (a survival crafting adventure), and Tavern Keeper (a tavern management sim). The recently released Go-Go Town! won the best in show award, while Key Fairy took home the best emerging and people’s choice awards. 

Space Prison announce release date

Space Prison, the unique tactical survival game where you attempt to survive the galaxy’s toughest prison, has a new release date. Originally slated for April, the game was delayed to allow for additional content and improvements. The full release of Space Prison is coming on July 18th. Learn more about Space Prison

7 Days to Die 1.0 Release

The wait is over for fans of the zombie survival game 7 Days to Die! After ten years in development, the game is getting its experimental 1.0 release on Steam, with console releases and the official 1.0 version coming soon after. The 1.0 release features a ton of new content, features, and gameplay improvements, alongside some quality-of-life changes. The experimental branch is available now on Steam, with the official 1.0 release coming to Steam and consoles on July 25th. Get 7 Days to Die

Games Baked in Germany Event

The Game’s Baked in Germany event is happening this week on Steam, featuring a variety

of games developed in Germany. The event runs until June 27th and features new trailers, developer insights, and discounts on a wide range of German-made games. Some of the deals include:

  • Sticky Business (sticker business sim) – 25% off
  • Tavern Talk (visual novel with a DND theme) – 10% off
  • Lost Ember (atmospheric exploration game) – 60% off
  • Oddsparks (automation game) – 20% off

These are just a few of the many games on sale during the event. Head over to Steam to discover new German-made games and enjoy some great deals! Check out the Games Baked in Germany Sale

Upcoming Releases this week

This week is pretty stacked for game releases with some big games coming our way!

  • Unread Messages a puzzle game where you deliver texts by making connections between cell towers – June 24th
  • Movies Tycoon a movie studio sim, where you create blockbusters and manage a movie studio – June 24th
  • Until Then a visual novel following Mark and his friends in a race to discover the trut – June 25th
  • A Little to the Left – Seeing Stars DLC adds a whopping 38 levels and 100 stars to collect – June 25th
  • GUNCHO the cowboy themed turn based strategy game – June 25th
  • Mysterious Mystery a detective visual novel centered around the detective du0 Dakota and Justin – June 28th

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