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Sumo Digital announces layoffs

We’ve seen another major hit to the gaming industry with Sumo Digital announcing they will be reducing their staff by 15%. They said in a statement that this decision is “to ensure the security of the business going forward”. As part of this reduction, Timbre Games, based in Canada will be closing down completely with an estimated 270~ staff overall losing their positions. Find out more here

Screwdrivers gets early access release date

Screw Drivers, the racing game where you get to build your car and drive it too, has announced it’ll be racing into early access. This part car builder, part racing game sees you use a variety of different materials and mechanisms to build the ultimate race car, before testing it out on the tracks by yourself or with friends. You can get behind the wheel in early access June 20th. Find out more here

Moonstone Island is coming to Switch

The much loved Moonstone Island, a creature collecting, life sim, set across an open world with 100 different islands, is getting it’s switch release. This one has been on the cards for quite some time, and Switch players will be happy to know that they can jump into the world of Moonstone Island from June 19th.

New update for Spirittea

Spirittea has launched a new update: the Hook Line and Sinker update. Players will be happy to know that this update introduces a brand new fishing minigame, which replaces the highly confusing old minigame, and introduces new casting and reeling functionality. Alongside this the update features a slew of quality of life and bug fixes including a streamer mode, more brightness settings for night, and more. Find out more here.

Valheim gets Mac release

Valheim has finally made it’s way to Mac. Mac players will be happy to know they can now play the game, and it has full crossplay with other platforms too. The game will continue to receive early access updates to all platforms as it progresses in development. Find out more here

Loddlepedia update coming for Loddlenaut

Loddlenaut has announced it’s first major update – the Loddlepedia update. If you couldn’t already tell by the name of the update, this update focuses on introducing a Loddlepedia for you to track all the loddle evolutions you’ve met and shows you how many more you can discover. In addition to this, the update will also add new personalities and more features for Loddles, and you can also get a boost in the new Boost Overdrive. The Loddlepedia update is launching June 27th. Find out more here.

Horticular announces release date

Horticular, a cozy garden building sim game, has announced it’s release date! This adorable building game sees you build and expand a lush garden in a magical world. You’ll attract cute animals, discover upgrades, and assist some interesting characters along the way, whilst managing the decay and corruption sent by your nemesis. This full release of Horticular is coming July 11th. Find out more here

Galvanic Games announces closure

Yet another gaming studio has announced it’s closing down. Galvanic Games, the studio behind Wizard with a Gun has announced they are closing. They’ve stated that unfortunately game sales were just not quite enough to sustain the studio, and they’ve got no other option than to close down in what’s yet another blow to the indie gaming industry. Find out more here.

Newstower - Age of Photography update

Newstower, the newspaper tycoon game where you get to become the editor of a newspaper in New York City, has launched it’s first major update: Age of Photography. The update sees the introduction of photographers, cartographers and illustrators, giving you the ability to publish photos in your newspaper spreads. In addition to this we’re getting an extra year of gameplay, and a reader’s perception system that will help shape your newspapers identity. The update is live now, and the game is currently 20% off until June 20th. Find out more here

Steam Next Fest wrap up

Steam Next Fest has just about wrapped up for another time. There were well over a thousand demos featuring in the fest, with some really unique games coming out of the woodwork. Some of the most popular demos included:

  • Once Human – an open world survival shooter
  • Tiny Glade – a sandbox freeform building game
  • Aska – a viking themed open world survival crafter
  • Reka – an exploration sim where you play as a witch apprentice
  • Flintlock – a soulslike action adventure that sees you take on the Gods.
  • Endzone 2 – a city builder colony sim set in a post apocalyptic world
  • Aloft – a multiplayer survival adventure game set in a world of floating islands
  • Duckside – a post apocalyptic open world survival crafter, where you play as ducks
  • Dungeon Clawler – a claw machine deckbuilder game
  • Caravan Sandwitch – an exploration sim adventure game set across vast desert landscapes.

If you’re looking for more recommendations, we covered 70 games over the course of Next Fest, so definitely go check out our previous articles for more.

Upcoming Releases this week

This week is pretty stacked for game releases with some big games coming our way!

  • Go Go Town! – a city builder game where you play as mayor of a rundown town launches in early access June 18th
  • #BLUD – a vampire apocalypse themed dungeon crawler launches June 18th
  • Still Wakes the Deep – an immersive first person horror game set on an offshore oil rig launches June 18th
  • Push The Cat with WASD – a puzzle game that plays on words to solve the mystery launches June 18th
  • Republic of Pirates – a pirate themed colony sim set in the Caribbean launches June 19th
  • Into the Emberlands – a cozy exploration game with a roguelite twist heads to early access June 19th
  • First Dwarf – an action RPG where you play as a dwarf surviving an open fantasy world heads to early access June 19th
  • Aarik: and the ruined kingdom – a puzzle game that sees you embark on an epic adventure to save your lands and your family releases June 20th
  • Crab God – an atmospheric strategy game where you must protect the next crab god and nurture your crabling colony launches June 20th
  • Tavern Talk – a cozy visual novel set in a D&D inspired world releases June 20th
  • Chromatic Memories – a visual novel where you play as a painter of memories launches June 20th
  • Dystopika -a cyber punk themed sandbox city builder is heading into early access June 21st

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