What Happened This Week in Indie Gaming: June 10th

Welcome to the weekly brew, where we quench your thirst for indie game news.

Enshrouded launches new UPDATE

Enshrouded, the popular game, has just received its second content update, Melodies of the Mire. This update introduces a new area called the Blackmire, complete with soaring trees and murky depths. Additionally, the update brings music into the game, with players now able to craft and play various musical instruments. Co-op players will also be thrilled to hear about the introduction of player-based quest progression, allowing each player to complete quests individually in multiplayer. The update is live now, so fans can immediately dive back into the Enshrouded world. Find out more here

Magical Delicacy gets release date

the wholesome pixel art platformer Magical Delicacy has announced its release date. This cooking-themed game allows players to create magical delicacies from a collection of ingredients in their shop, all set in a unique, witchy world. The game is set to be available on PC, Xbox, and Switch from July 16th. Find out more here

Terra Nil announces new update

Terra Nil, another fan-favorite, has announced that a major update is on the way. Terra Nil Vita Nova, the game’s first major update, brings a new world map, new levels, new biomes, buildings, and climate conditions, as well as a complete overhaul of the animal system. This is a free update for owners of the game and it is set to launch on June 24th. Find out more here

Indie dev has game stolen

However, it’s not all good news in the indie gaming world. An indie developer has had their game, Dire Decks, stolen and republished under another name on Steam. The developer, Kindanice Games, has called out the stolen game in a post that has gone viral, with thousands of reposts to spread the word. It’s a stark reminder of the challenges indie developers sometimes face. Check out the original game, Dire Decks, here

pipsqueak launches new trailer

Meanwhile, Pipsqueak, an adorable action 2D platformer, has released its very first trailer. The trailer gives fans a look into the life of Tofu, a tiny mouse exploring a strange and hostile world. Along with the launch of its trailer, the developers also announced a Kickstarter for the game, launching on June 13th. Wishlist the game here

New indie racing game

A solo indie developer, Zoroarts, has created a racing game featuring other indie game characters. Originally a simple challenge from his brother, the game quickly turned into a fully-fledged project. The game takes Mario Kart-style gameplay but puts some well-known indie game characters behind the wheel. The developer has some big plans, wanting to fill the game with 30 different indie game characters.

New indie game publisher UNIKAT launches

A new indie game publisher has launched called UNIKAT. Based in Australia, UNIKAT focuses on minimalistic games and has launched with two games on its roster: Pools, a horror-like experience, and Dystopika, a cyberpunk freeform city builder game. Find out more here

Fae Farm announces second DLC

Another exciting update comes from FaeFarm, which has announced their second DLC update: Skies of Azoria. This update introduces a new area and several new items that will be revealed closer to the launch. The update is free for those playing on Nintendo Switch and for Deluxe Edition holders on PC, and it’s set to launch on June 20th. Check out the trailer here

New indie game fund launches

Innersloth, the developers of the popular Among Us game, has launched a new fund for indie developers called Outersloth. They aim to give back to the indie gaming community by helping bring other indie games to life. They’ve already funded a range of different games and are set to provide some pretty exciting opportunities for indie developers. Find out more here

A new DLC for A Little to the Left

The indie game world is eagerly anticipating the release of the cult classic, A New Little to the Left. The DLC, Seeing Stars, adds a whopping 33 new levels to the game and 5 additional bonus levels with up to 5 solutions for each and 100 stars to collect. The DLC is a mix of all different types of challenging sorting puzzles and there’s not long to wait for this one because it’s launching June 25th. Check it out here.

Cult of the Lamb announces new update

Cult of the lamb has announced its new free major update: the unholy alliance update. They’re keeping the exact details of what to expect in the update close to their chest for now, but have revealed that it will see the launch of local co-op in the game, so you can crusade through dungeons, slay heretics, build your cult and seek new powers together. The free update is launching on August 12th. Find out more here.

Minami Lane coming to Nintendo Switch

The popular cozy street builder game, Minami Lane, is finally getting its Switch release. With its unique gameplay that sees you build up your own neighborhood complete with ramen stalls, bookstores, and cats to pat, the game has captured the hearts of many. Although the release date is yet to be announced, it’s confirmed that the game will be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year.

CopyCat teases release date

An emotional narrative game, Copycat, has given us a peek at their release date. This game sees you step into the paws of a newly adopted stray who soon finds their place in their new household threatened by another cat that looks exactly the same as you. Copycat has confirmed that it will be launching in September. Learn more about this intriguing game here.

New DLC for Dredge

The fishing adventure game, Dredge, has announced its second expansion, The Iron Rig. This expansion will see players revisiting every area from the base game with renewed purpose. You’ll need to work with the Ironhaven Corporation to collect resources and build a formidable base of operations. The Iron Rig DLC is set to launch for all platforms on August 15th. Dive into the adventure here.

New edition of Slay the Princess

One of the most highly anticipated games, Slay the Princess, has announced a new version called Slay the Princess – the Pristine Cut. This edition of the reality-bending game will see 3 new chapters, never before seen princesses, expansions to familiar routes, and an entirely new ending. A release date is yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to hit PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch during Fall of 2024. Find out more here.

Parcel Corps announces release date

Parcel Corps, the high-energy action-adventure game where you play a bicycle messenger, has finally got a release date. The game promises to be anything but boring as you’ll be a thrill seeking, wall riding, rail grinding bicycle messenger. Get ready to start delivering from September 3rd. Learn more here.

Go Go Town announces Early Access launch date

The management game, Go Go Town, has revealed that it’s coming to early access and it’s just around the corner. As mayor of a run-down town, you’ll need to collect resources, build shops, and make sure your town is pretty enough to attract residents. Go Go Town is heading to early access next week, on June 18th. Find out more here.

Steam Next Fest June kicks off

Steam Next Fest is set to kick off tomorrow and it’s going to be jam-packed with amazing demos to try. With hundreds of demos to check out, it can be pretty overwhelming to work out what to play, but The Indie Brew has you covered. We’ll be putting together daily videos featuring a different genre every day, to help you stack your wishlists and try some amazing indie games. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all our video content!

Upcoming Releases this week

A few indie games are set to release this week. Psychroma, a mind-bending narrative game set in a futuristic world is making its way to Steam on June 11. The Fertile Crescent is getting its 1.0 release, adding a campaign mode to the city-building RTS on June 13. Sunnyside, a JRPG farming sim set in the Japanese countryside is getting its PC release on June 14, with consoles to follow a little later on. Dryft City Kyngs, a racing sim RPG set in a futuristic Melbourne is racing to release on June 14.

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