Upcoming Strategy & Simulation Games to play in Steam Next Fest!

June’s Steam Next Fest is here, and we’ve been scouring the internet to roundup some of the best upcoming indie games participating.
In this article, we’ll be featuring some amazing indie games that all fit into the Strategy & Simulation genre. So grab something caffeinated and get ready to fill your wishlist with these amazing indie games.

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Airborne Empire

Build a city in the sky in Airborne Empire. In this open world RPG city builder, you’ll explore a vast landscape, whilst combining city building with the mechanics of flying a city. With some compelling characters to meet, enemies to contest against, and a huge open world to explore, this looks set to be a fun adventure game.

Blood Bar Tycoon

Create your very own vampire bar in Blood Bar Tycoon. In this management sim tycoon game, you’ll need to build your bar, attracting humans to feed your customers. With quirky machines to unlock and vampire hunters to deal with, this looks set to be a humorous game full of sticky situations.


Build your own settlement set in Ancient Rome in Citadelum. In this city builder game, you’ll start from nothing, building your settlement up into a magnificent city. Explore the world, trade, and lead your legions in epic tactical battles in what looks set to be an epic historical city builder.

Endzone 2

Secure humanity’s survival after a cataclysmic disaster in Endzone 2. In this post apocalyptic survival colony builder, you’ll need to discover and repopulate the last habitable grounds. You’ll be able to venture into the badlands to find hidden loot, and explore habitable zones to find resources to build up your settlement, in what looks set to be a challenging colony sim game.

Recycling Center Simulator

Make money from garbage in Recycling Center Simulator. In this first person business sim game, you’ll collect raw materials for your recycling centre, recycle them, and produce new products with them to make money. This looks set to be an interesting addition to the first person simulation genre, will you be able to turn trash into treasure?

Wild City

Wild City is a deckbuilder where cards are plants, animals, and insects that can synergize and prey on each other. You can trigger some pretty satisfying chain reactions on an expanding board, shaping an interconnected ecosystem in this strategy roguelite game.

Republic of Pirates

Establish and grow a pirate utopia in Republic of Pirates. In this strategy city builder game, you’ll create a resources based economy, engage in real time naval combat and navigate diplomatic relationships with the rivaling powers. Set in the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy, this looks set to be a game full of fortune and glory and it’s launching on Steam June 19th.

Chocolate Factory Simulator

Simulation is getting a tasty make over in Chocolate Factory Simulator. In this cooking sim game, you’ll craft gourmet chocolate for your customers in a a steampunk workshop. With tasty recipes to unlock, and an automation robot as your assistant, you’ll be able to discover a colourful world on your journey to become a master chocolatier.

Go Go Town!

Step into the shoes of the Mayor of a new town in Go Go Town! In this management sim city builder, you’ll start off with nothing but ruins and possibilities, and you’ll need to gather materials, craft goods, and build up a thriving town. Attract new residents to work in your town by making sure your town has all the facilities they need, building houses, choosing what shops to build, and of course, making sure your town looks good too. This one is releasing in early access June 18th!


Build and conquer in a unique alternate 20th century world in Kaiserpunk. In this city builder strategy game, you’ll engage in epic battles on land, sea, and air, while shaping your city from the ground up managing your production and logistics, and expanding your influence across the world. With a big focus on economic power, and influence, this looks set to be a challenging city builder game with a side of strategy.

Beyond These Stars

Build a city on the back of a Space Whale in Beyond These Stars. In this city builder, RTS game, you’ll manage supply chains, meet aliens, and build outposts throughout the universe. You’ll need to seek out resources, and research new technologies, journeying across the universe and uncovering it’s mysteries along the way.

That is a wrap on some amazing strategy & simulation games to check out during this Steam Next Fest.

Looking for more indie game recommendations, we’ll be featuring a different genre everyday here at the Indie Brew so make sure to check back tomorrow for some more recommendations!

Until next time, Stay Caffeinated.

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