Upcoming Story Rich Games to Play in Steam Next Fest!

June’s Steam Next Fest is here, and we’ve been scouring the internet to roundup some of the best upcoming indie games participating.
In this article, we’ll be featuring some amazing indie games that all fit into the story rich genre. So grab something caffeinated and get ready to fill your wishlist with these amazing indie games.

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Farewell North

Play as a border collie on an adventure with your human in Farewell North. In this atmospheric game, you’ll explore the land and see around you, restoring colour to the desolate islands of the Farewell North. This looks set to be an emotional adventure, and it’s dropping in just a couple of months on August 15th

I’ll Be Brave Tomorrow

Step into the world of a sick child in I’ll be brave Tomorrow. Combining a retro 2d platformer with a first person narrative game, this game is one that explores the story of a sick child, trying to fight off boredom whilst playing video games. Combining both 2d and 3d environments, this is a game that looks set to deliver a heart wrenching story and upon release will be donating 50% of it’s profits to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity too.

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room

Join Dr Finklestein in a last ditch attempt to save humanity in Dr Finklestein’s Marvelous
Room. In this story based sandbox adventure, you’ll play as a participant of Dr Finklestein with the job of inspecting and validating the functionality of 50 different items. This looks set to be a wild ride full of twists and turns.

Midnight Ramen

Play as the owner of a ramen stand serving up some tasty dishes in Midnight Ramen. In this part cooking sim, part visual novel game you’ll need to craft your customers preferred ramen dishes, whilst lending a friendly ear along the way. With a heart warming story served up alongside some delicious dishes, this looks set to be a stunning story rich game.

Mysterious Mystery

Dive into the world of detective duo Justin and Dakota in Mysterious Mystery. This fully voice-acted mystery visual novel will have you solving multiple cases, gathering evidence, and interrogating suspects to uncover the truth. If you’re a fan of mysteries and enjoy piecing together clues, this game is for you and you can start solving from June 28th

Spill the Beans

In Spill the Beans, a secret recipe has been stolen and you’ve been tasked with figuring out who stole it…there’s only one problem, you’re the one whole stole it. In this hilarious interactive fiction game, you’ll need to manipulate your way into framing the perfect scapegoat to take the fall for your crimes. Will you get away with it?

The Quiet Things

Step foot into Alice’s world and hear her story in The Quiet Things. This auto-biographical, narrative game is based on real diary entries kept as a teenager, and explores some pretty heavy topics so definitely check out the trigger warnings before playing. This looks set to be a powerful game full of emotional storytelling.

Grifford Academy

Enter a mystical book realm where your decisions shape the personalities of the characters in Grifford Academy. In this coming of age RPG, you’ll engage in strategic turn-based combat as you set out to discover the secrets of this magical realm, whilst being immersed in a rich story full of teenage drama.

Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive

It’s time to set your morals aside and do whatever it takes to survive in Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive. With the story told using dynamic comic strips, you’ll need to work out how to scam enough money from the rich to pay your rent, buy food and pay for medication your in-laws need. This is a darker story with a noir retro feel, will you be able to do what it takes to survive?

Chromatic Memories

Chromatic Memories is a visual novel about grief, memory and acceptance. In this colourful game you’ll play as a painter of memories, able to change or erase memories with a stroke of your paintbrush. Things take a mysterious turn when you discover you’ve altered your own memories, what could be so unbearable that you wanted to forget it for good? Find out in this emotion filled game that’s launching June 20th.

Vampire Therapist

Even vampires need a shoulder to cry on, and you’ll find out first hand what centuries of emotional baggage in Vampire Therapist. In this visual novel game you’ll take on the roll of a cowboy vampire teaming up with a 3000 year old European vampire to learn how to give back to the vampire community and become a vampire therapist. You can explore this visual novel that integrates real psychological concepts from July 17th.

That is a wrap on some amazing story rich games to check out during this Steam Next Fest.

Looking for more indie game recommendations, we’ll be featuring a different genre everyday here at the Indie Brew so make sure to check back tomorrow for some more recommendations!

Until next time, Stay Caffeinated.

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