Upcoming Puzzle Games to play this Steam Next Fest!

June’s Steam Next Fest is here, and we’ve been scouring the internet to roundup some of the best upcoming indie games participating.
In this article, we’ll be featuring some amazing indie games that all fit into the puzzle genre. So grab something caffeinated and get ready to fill your wishlist with these amazing indie games.

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Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure is a unique game that expertly combines elements of role-play and puzzle-solving. You’ll definitely have a blast navigating through its intriguing narrative and tackling its cleverly designed challenges. Ready to become an Arranger, well you’re in luck becaase they’ve just announced Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure will be launching July 25th 


HexoCity is a unique synthwave inspired puzzle game that sees you build a futuristic city in a lush island setting using hexagon tiles. This looks sets to be a relaxing puzzler with a cool aesthetic that is sure to impress the puzzle lover


If you ever had one of those cool electronic circuit kits as a kid, this is the game for you. Linkito sees you connect blocks to control robots, decode messages and defuse bombs. In this futuristic game you’ll solve intricate, mechanism based puzzles to rise through the ranks of the prestigious Albatross Company and maybe uncover their secrets along the way


Relax and unwind in Preserve, a nature building puzzle game. You’ll create a flourishing ecosystem, strategically placing plants and animals to create the most harmonious environment. Preserve takes new spin on a hexagon tile puzzler, with a pretty stunning design, that is perfect for the cozy gamer.


Father Hedgehog has one goal, to bring his children back home, but in Prickle, that is easier said than done. In this challenging puzzle game, your kids will stick to you like glue, which is surprisingly realistic, and you’ll need to work out how to navigate a grid-based puzzle to get them home. This is the perfect wholesome game for the puzzle lover.

Push The Cat with WASD

Push the Cat with WASD is a unique puzzle game where you literally rearrange words to solve puzzles. The game features an emotional storyline and an underlying mystery. As a player, you’ll assist the cat in understanding and recalling why it is stuck in the game. Set to offer an intriguing puzzle experience with a unique theme, Push the Cat with WASD will be available from June 18th.

Ringo's Roundup

Guide post bunny Ringo’s car through a bunch of cute puzzle environments in Ringo’s Roundup. In this grid-based puzzler, you’ll need to collect all the scattered envelopes, whilst navigating a range of different effect tiles. This looks set to be a cute puzzle game that any gamer should consider hopping into.

So To Speak

Solve puzzles and learn Japanese along the way in So to Speak. In this drag and drop puzzler, you’ll need to match Japanese words to their relevant signs and objects in the world, teaching you the words as you play. This is a fun way to challenge your language skills and maybe even learn something along the way.

Tidy Cauldron

Take on the chaos left by 3 messy witches in Tidy Cauldron. In this tetris-esque puzzle game, you’ll need to arrange different mystical ingredients, exploring the art of potion crafting, summoning and tarot reading along the way. This is the perfect game for those who enjoy a healthy dose of organisation.


Recreate towns from people’s memories in Townframe. In this cozy puzzle game, you’ll need to solve written puzzles by using a range of different tools to recreate what your client remembers. Each frame to solve is interactive, and with different effects and soundscapes to interact with too, this looks set to be a cozy puzzle game.


Navigate a world as a shadow who has lost their person in SCHiM. In this unique puzzle platformer game, you’ll need to work out how to navigate a world keeping to the shadows, whilst trying to find your human and get back to where you belong. This looks set to be an emotional puzzle game, and it’s dropping July 18th.

Cave Hikers

Set off on a quest to find the mystical cave with an infinite ceiling in Cave Hikers. In this cute point and click mockumentary style game, you’ll solve puzzles as you explore an interesting and quirky world, in what looks set to be a wholesome puzzle adventure game.

Blue Prince

Enter a mysterious manor full of shifting rooms in Blue Prince. In this unique game that mixes mystery, puzzle, and strategy, you’ll need to decide what lies behind each closed door, but be careful because the manor resets every dawn giving you new rooms to discover. Will you find the rumoured room 46?

That is a wrap on some amazing action games to check out during this Steam Next Fest.

Looking for more indie game recommendations, we’ll be featuring a different genre everyday here at the Indie Brew so make sure to check back tomorrow for some more recommendations!

Until next time, Stay Caffeinated.

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