Upcoming Adventure Games to Play in Steam Next Fest!

June’s Steam Next Fest is here, and we’ve been scouring the internet to roundup some of the best upcoming indie games participating.
In this article, we’ll be featuring some amazing indie games that all fit into the adventure genre. So grab something caffeinated and get ready to fill your wishlist with these amazing indie games.

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Become an explorer stranded on an alien planet in Exographer. In this metroidvania adventure game, you’ll explore the alien world, discovering the secrets of an extinct civilization. With powers you can gain along the way, and the help of your camera to reveal hidden clues, this looks set to be a game packed to the brim with adventure.

First Dwarf

Jump into your mech and explore a crumbled fantasy world as a Dwarf in First Dwarf. In this action adventure RPG, you’ll need to explore the uncharted islands around you, collect resources for building and crafting, and survive a treacherous landscape. Combining some tower defense elements, you’ll build up your colonies and need to ensure they are protected too, in what looks set to be an epic adventure game.

The ElderSeed

Embark on an epic adventure to unravel the mystery of the elder seed and save the world from falling into chaos in The Elderseed. In this 2d side scroller game, you’ll play as Milo navigating a range of colour lands, forging new weapons, and taking on strange creatures. This looks set to be an epic fantasy adventure game.

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island

Play as the recently shipwrecked Alex in Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island. In this adventure exploration game, you’ll need to befriend the forgotten gods of Greek mythology, exploring the island to unravel the mystery and restore the god’s memories. Will you save yourself and help the Gods along the way?

Rose Cottage

If you love a good ghost story, then Rose Cottage is definitely the game for you. In this point and click game set in a Victorian mortuary, you’ll play as a detective investigating a missing persons case that soon becomes a night you’ll never forget.

Stars in the Trash

Step into the paws of a spoiled cat who decides to run away to find an adventure in Stars in the Trash. This story driven platformer takes on the style of classic animated movies, giving it a really nostalgic feel, as you explore, fight and escape from the kennelman.

Swappy World

Experience a new take on an open world survival crafter game in Swappy World. In this card based game, you’ll swipe your way to survival, crafting weapons, building your base and exploring the world all through a card based environment. You’ll need to handle your energy tactically to survive as long as possible in what looks like a really interesting spin on a survival crafter.

Ruins To Fortress

Ruins to Fortress is a side scrolling multiplayer survival game set on a dystopian island. In this post apocalyptic game, you’ll need to craft, build, tear down enemy bases, and defend against rivals utilizing any methods you find – even if they could potentially cause another apocalypse. With PVP and PVE modes, and servers capable of hosting up to 100 players, this looks set to be an epic survival game.


Develop an automated technological civilization in Earthborne. In this open world adventure game, you’ll explore a vast procedurally generated world, battling hordes of enemies and looting the remains of ancient civilisations. You’ll build up your base, progressing through industrial ages as you automate your industry with technology, utilising airships, conveyor belts and teleporters to amass the best armor, weapons and more.

Fading Skies

Unlock the powerful abilities of Ryn and her dragon companion in Fading Skies. In this RPG with 3d platformer elements, you’ll explore a vivid fantasy world, full of mystery, as you attempt to save the planet. Will you be able to mend the broken bonds of your past and restore the future?

Creatures of Ava

Why collect creatures when you can save them instead? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Creatures of Ava, an action adventure game where you play as a nature explorer trying to save the creatures of the planet Ava. With some beautiful graphics, you’ll need to tame creatures so you can save them from a life threatening infection, exploring a stunning landscape as you go in what looks set to be a heartwarming adventure game

That is a wrap on some amazing adventure games to check out during this Steam Next Fest.

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Until next time, Stay Caffeinated.

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