Upcoming Action Games to Play during Steam Next Fest

June’s Steam Next Fest is here, and we’ve been scouring the internet to roundup some of the best upcoming indie games participating.
In this article, we’ll be featuring some amazing indie games that all fit into the action genre. So grab something caffeinated and get ready to fill your wishlist with these amazing indie games.

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Eko and the Bewitched Lands

Explore an ever-changing, challenging world in Eko and the Bewitched Lands. In this roguelite RPG you’ll go up against a range of enemies in 3D isometric souls-lite combat, and with new weapons to find and upgrade, and different obstacles to overcome, this looks set to be an action filled game.

Footy Bash

Dive into fast paced football with up to 4 players in Footy Bash. In this fun, arcade spin on Aussie Rules, you’ll need to score a goal anyway you can, and with some simplified rules, you’ll get the ability to tackle or punch instead. Manage your team on and off the field, and customise your teams look both as a whole team and individually for each player. This is a game, perfect for the sporting lover, so make sure to give this one a wishlist


In this small scale, turn based tactics game, you’ll play as Guncho attempting to survive in a wild west themed landscape. You’ll need to spin Guncho’s revolver to keep his bullets aligned to enemies, fighting your way through randomly generated shootouts. Will you ride your donkey and become the ultimate pistolero? You can find out, and start slinging from June 25th.

Hadley’s Run

Explore alien galaxies and slay your way through enemy hordes in Hadley’s Run. In this roguelite twin stick shooter, you’ll battle against a galactic threat, unlock some epic upgrades, and if you’re lucky find love along the way. This one is set to release in July, so definitely check it out for some action arcade goodness.

Kitty’s Last Adventure

Who says action can’t be cute? In Kitty’s Last Adventure, you’ll play as Kitty the cat aboard a flying cat saucer taking on a range of different hordes of enemies. This is an auto-shooter that packs an emotional punch, with the game set in a book to immortalise a last adventure for the beloved pet of one lucky human.

Pancake Patrol

Embark on a pancake fueled roguelite adventure in Pancake Patrol. In this quirky top down shooter game, you’ll defeat monsters with food based weaponry, facing up against bosses, and exploring a range of game modes. This looks set to be an epic food themed action game.


It’s time for the ultimate parkour showdown in the multiplayer action game Supermoves. In this first person game, you’ll choose from a range of different game modes and go head to head against other players to see who the ultimate parkour champ is. You can run, jump, and grind your way to the top from August 28th.

Terraformer TD

Terraformer TD is a tower defense roguelite game, that sees you take on waves of enemies by changing the map itself. With a procedurally generated map you can raise or lower tiles, diverting enemy paths and designing the perfect kill zones. Will you survive against the terrors of the void?

Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus

Enter a colourful, hand-drawn, 2.5D world inspired by Japanese folklore in Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus. In this action platformer you’ll engage in acrobatic aerial comeback, exploring a world full of myth as you unlock powerful mystical abilities and unravel the mysteries of your origin. This one is set for a July 18th release, so not much longer to wait for this beautiful game.

Ricochet Rodeo

Saddle up for some rooting, tooting, gunslinging goodness in Ricochet Rodeo. In this 2D platform game, you’ll go up against up to 8 cowboys to determine who’s the fastest shooter in the pixel rendered west. This looks set to be a chaotic deathmatch full of gunslinging goodness.

Sunstone War

A tower defense game where you can move everything? That’s what you’ll get in the unique action game Sunstone War. In this colourful take on tower defense elements, you can pick up everything, from towers, to enemies, obstacles and more, you’ll be able to shape every level to your advantage, strategically conquering any enemies who dare to cross your path. Will you protect your village from calamity?

Wild Bastards

Travel from planet to plant to recruit, manage, and gun sling with a team of outlaws in Wild Bastards. In this FPS action roguelite, you’ll engage in some bullet flying shootouts, as you attempt to maintain your most deadly gang in the galaxy reputation. There’s 13 outlaws you can play as, each with their own unique weapon, stunt, personality, relationships, and ability trees, in this space flavoured wild west game. 

That is a wrap on some amazing action games to check out during this Steam Next Fest.

Looking for more indie game recommendations, we’ll be featuring a different genre everyday here at the Indie Brew so make sure to check back tomorrow for some more recommendations!

Until next time, Stay Caffeinated.

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