What happened this week in Indie Gaming: May 20th

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly Brew, where we cover all the need to know indie gaming news!

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The JRPG farming/life simulation game, Sunnyside, has been delayed until June 14th to integrate feedback from demo players. The developers aim to perfect the game and ensure it reaches its fullest potential. You can look forward to its release on the Steam and Epic Games store,
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world's worst handyman prologue launches

After four years of development, the prologue to the comedy stealth game, World’s Worst Handyman, has officially launched on Steam. The game allows players to navigate the world as a less-than-competent handyman, juggling clients and repairs while trying to save an animal shelter from bankruptcy. The prologue, available for free on Steam, features the first chapter of this chaotic and hilarious game.
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APICO is launching its 4.0 update this week, dubbed the Hive of Industry update. The update brings new honeycore mechanics, various automation machines, 16 new pets, seasonal events, decorations, music, and more. It’s scheduled to go live on PC and Switch on May 20th.
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akupara games announces 4 new titles

Akupara Games recently announced four new titles they’ll be publishing:
– Cabernet, a narrative RPG
– Nanomon, a virtual pet sim,
– Welcome to Elk, a point-and-click adventure game
– Ynglet, a puzzle platformer.
These titles each provide unique gaming experiences and are all worth adding to your Steam wishlist
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timberborn teases 6.0 update

Timberborn is teasing its 6th early access update, introducing faction-specific wonders to the game. These wonders will serve as achievements and will require players to manage resources and multiple production lines for completion. While not a win condition per se, the wonders will provide a clear goal and end point for each map.
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my time at sandrock dlc

My Time At Sandrock announced a new DLC, Monster Whisper, introducing pets to the game.
The DLC, releasing on May 28th, will include tools to capture various monsters, with whom players can form bonds, with 16 adorable pets to choose from.
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goblinz publishing announces the executive

Lastly, Goblinz Publishing has announced a new game, The Executive – A Movie Industry Tycoon, which emulates games like The Movies and the upcoming Blockbuster Inc. Although the release date is yet to be announced, a demo is available on Steam.
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