The ultimate idle game! Rusty’s Retirement

Introducing Rusty’s Retirement, the ultimate idle game for those who want to successfully game and work simultaneously. This idle farming simulator conveniently docks to the bottom or side of your screen, allowing you to farm while carrying out your daily tasks.


In Rusty’s Retirement, you step into a cute futuristic world devoid of an intricate storyline, aligning with the purpose of the game. Central to this world is Rusty, your robot dog who maintains your farm. As you progress, you can unlock a variety of characters, each with unique abilities, by simply building their houses.


While the gameplay of Rusty’s Retirement is basic, it is so in the best possible way. As an idle game, it doesn’t demand in-depth or complex strategies. Starting off with a 4×4 farming plot, you progressively unlock different crop types to plant. Each crop yields different rewards and can be turned into biofuel, one of the two main currencies of the game alongside coins.

You can upgrade your farm by constructing buildings that unlock characters to assist you or add functionalities like buying decorations or having animals. Besides planting, your characters handle every other task on the farm, freeing you to work while the game runs in the background. You can even prioritize tasks for your robots and determine their order of execution.

One notable feature is the focus mode, which doubles production times when you have limited time to attend to your farm. Although the game could benefit from allowing players to take a more active role in the gameplay during free time, it excels in providing an easy-to-set, engaging, and forgettable gaming experience.


The performance of Rusty’s Retirement is commendable. With no bugs, a stay-on-top mode, adjustable size, and easy controls, it provides a smooth experience. However, be mindful when video editing as pressing space pauses the game.


The design of the game is pleasing, featuring a cute pixel art style with a futuristic feel. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the elements are well thought out. The soundtrack creates a work-friendly vibe, and sound effects are helpful without being disruptive.


In terms of originality, Rusty’s Retirement doesn’t introduce a new game concept, but it implements an existing one in a novel way. Its farming side resembles most farming sims, which is a plus as it makes the game easy to pick up. While the gameplay isn’t groundbreaking, its unique implementation sets it apart.


Rusty’s Retirement is a fun idle game that is perfect for those working from home. It paves the way for similar games and, with the rise in remote work, this is a genre that is just beginning to unfold. The future prospects are exciting. All in all, Rusty’s Retirement is Juiced!

Rusty’s Retirement is available on Steam, find out more here:

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