Paper Trail Review: Is this puzzle game worth the hype?

Paper Trail, the puzzle adventure game that has been on my radar for months, is finally here. It’s an innovative game that engages players with origami-style puzzles to progress through the levels. In this article, we’ll delve into a comprehensive review of the game, using our unique ranking scale — from decaf to fully caffeinated. This form of evaluation is a staple here at the indie brew, so buckle up for an exciting, detailed breakdown of Paper Trail. Now, let’s dive in and examine the many layers of this game.

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Paper Trail places you in the shoes of Paige, a young girl embarking on a daring journey to attend university. Paige’s parents are unwilling to support her decision, pushing her to leave home without their knowledge to chase her dreams. The game’s narrative unfolds as Paige traverses intriguing landscapes on her educational pursuit, providing an immersive storytelling experience. Interactive photo scenes, which require you to fold the photos to advance the story, are complemented by stellar voice acting. These elements draw parallels to the hallucination scenes in Green Hell, another game with an interactive narrative style. Each landscape in Paper Trail signifies a unique level, populated with charming characters who each carry their own mini-stories. This approach makes the exploration of the levels a delight. The mystery element of the game keeps you engaged and infuses the gameplay with a sense of purpose while the wholesome themes of family, belonging, and curiosity make the story endearing. The story of Paper Trail is a fully caffeinated ride from start to finish.


Paper Trail is a puzzle game at its core, but it introduces some truly unique mechanics. Each level is a series of scenes set on differently shaped pieces of paper that interconnect, allowing you to navigate through the game world. You can fold these pieces of paper, i.e., the levels, to create various pathways and traverse the level. The game also introduces a variety of obstacles, like large boulders to move and platforms to navigate, to keep the gameplay challenging and engaging. It certainly demands a bit of mental gymnastics, but once you get the hang of it, it makes for an enjoyable and challenging puzzle-solving experience. For its innovative and challenging gameplay, Paper Trail is rated Fully Caffeinated.


Paper Trail performs impeccably, without any bugs or glitches. The point-and-click controls make it easy to navigate, making it accessible to gamers of all levels. Even the interactive cut scenes load quickly, ensuring the game runs smoothly without any hiccups. Paper Trail earns a Fully Caffeinated rating for its flawless performance.


Paper Trail boasts a breathtaking design aesthetic. The game’s graphic design is beautifully crafted, with each illustration reflecting a high level of care and attention. The characters are all wonderfully designed, with Paige’s voice acting being particularly noteworthy. The game’s soundscape is also well-constructed, blending relaxing and atmospheric music with sound effects to create an immersive gaming experience. With so much attention to detail and passion visible in its design, Paper Trail is rated Fully Caffeinated.


Paper Trail presents a unique spin on puzzle mechanics with its origami-style puzzles. The concept of folding paper to navigate through levels is both mind-boggling and ingenious. While other games like Viewfinder challenge perspective-taking when exploring puzzle mechanics, Paper Trail introduces a fresh take on perspective puzzles. For its originality, Paper Trail is rated Fully Caffeinated.


Paper Trail is a wholesome, story-driven puzzle game that truly challenges your perspective. The stunning levels and challenging puzzles push the boundaries of the puzzle game genre. After grinding the beans, weighing, and pressing the grinds, the final brew is ready for the taste test. Paper Trail is fully caffeinated.

It’s available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and even Netflix. You can find more info here

Until next time, stay caffeinated!