NEW Indie Games Releasing in July 2024!

July is here, and it is packed to the brim with indie game releases. In this article, we’ll be checking out a bunch of upcoming games releasing this month.

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Horticular - July 11th

Does your love of gardening extend to the strange and unusual? Horticular might be for you! This game dives into the world of cultivating peculiar plants with unique properties. But be careful, some might be more dangerous than decorative! You can jump into this cozy garden builder game July 11th. Wishlist here

Supernatural - July 15th

Uncover sinister secrets and explore a haunted house in Supernatural. You’ll play as Detective Wyatt investigating a housemaid’s disappearance in this immersive horror game that is not for the faint hearted because lurking in every shadow is a terror. You can start exploring this haunted house from July 15th. Wishlist here

Flock - July 15th

Soar through beautiful landscapes as a flying shepherd in Flock. In this multiplayer game, you’ll immersive yourself into the world of flying, tending to your unique herd of adorable flying creatures. This game is an ode to the joy of flight and discovery and with a relaxing and atmospheric aesthetic this is sure to be one to send your heart soaring. You can start your flying shepherd journey from July 16th. Wishlist here

Magical Delicacy - July 16th

Cook up some tasty magical delicacies in the wholesome pixel art platform Magical Delicacy. In this magical exploration game, you’ll explore an unfamiliar town, delivering meals to the townsfolk and discovering magical secrets along the way. This looks set to be wholesome game full of magical goodness and you can get cooking from July 16th. Wishlist here

The Sacred Acorn- July 17th

Step into the paws of a tiny squirrel on an epic quest in The Sacred Acorn. In this cozy souls-like adventure, your tribe is being threatened by an evil presence and it’s up to you to take on legendary guardians, and save your tribe. Upgrade your magical abilities, and explore a dangerous enchanted land in this adorable 2d action adventure game launching July 17th. Wishlist here

Vampire Therapist - July 17th

Ever wondered about the mental toll being a vampire would take? Well you can find out in Vampire Therapist. In this interactive visual novel you’ll wade through centuries of vampire flavoured emotional baggage as you train to be a therapist for your own kind. This is definitely a game with some adult themes, and with real cognitive therapy concepts in the game, it’s definitely an interesting story to unfold. You can dig your teeth into this game from July 17th. Wishlist here

Earl vs the mutants - July 18th

Gear up for a post-apocalyptic rampage in the top-down action roguelite Earl vs the Mutants. You play as Earl, a hardened exterminator battling mutant hordes in a wasteland created by a nuclear apocalypse. Build your arsenal with vehicle-mounted weapons, drones, and power-ups to survive and take down bosses for even more firepower. You can jump into this post apocalyptic game July 18th. Wishlist here

Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus - July 18th

Explore a colourful, hand-drawn world in Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus. In this 2.5d action platformer you’ll engage in some acrobatic aerial combat, unlocking powerful mystical abilities as you explore an world full of myth. With a stunning design inspired by Japanese folklore, you’ll seek to unravel the mysteries of your origin, and you can dive into this beautiful game from July 18th. Wishlist here

Dungeons of Hinterberg - July 18th

Explore the beautiful alpine village of Hinterberg and uncover the magic hidden within it’s dungeons in Dungeons of Hinterberg. In this action adventure RPG, you’ll be armed with a sword and a tourist guide as you explore, master magic, solve puzzles and slay monsters. This looks set to be an epic fantasy action game and you can get playing from July 18th. Wishlist here

SCHiM - July 18th

Jump from shadow to shadow as you try to find your human in SCHiM. In this interesting take on a 3d platformer game, you’ll need to navigate a world full of shadow and light, ensuring you stay in the shadows as you try to reunite with your person, and maybe even help some other shadows along the way. This is a wholesome puzzle game that you can dive into from July 18th. Wishlist here

Space Prison - July 18th

Enter the toughest prison in the galaxy in Space Prison. In this turn based tactic game, you’ll explore a dangerous prison, fighting, crafting and trading your way to the top spot in a space gang and trying to escape. Death is not a way to end your sentence in this game, as each time you die, you’re consciousness is transported into another body – will you be more alien than before? You can start serving your sentence from July 18th. Wishlist here

Broken Lens - July 22nd

Discover the story of a little robot with a sight problem in Broken Lens. In this cozy puzzle game you’ll explore cute manifold environments, spotting the difference between two versions of the scene to find and get rid of the differences between your two different sensors. This looks set to be a cute and cozy puzzler and you can get spotting from July 22nd. Wishlist here

Ete - July 23rd

In this game, you’ll step into the shoes of a budding painter who travels to Montreal for the summer. You’ll unleash colour with your paintbrush, drawing inspiration from the city, as you befriend locals and fulfill their commissions. You can get your creativity flowing in this relaxing painting game, Ete, from July 23rd. Wishlist here

Linkito - July 23rd

Connect blocks to control robots, decode messages, and defuse bombs in the logic puzzle game Linkito. With intricated mechanism based brainteasers to solve, you’ll rise through the ranks of the Albatross Company in this challenging puzzle game, and maybe even uncover some secrets along the way. You can get solving from July 23rd. Wishlist here

Midnight Ramen - July 23rd

In this game you’ll serve up some tasty ramen dishes, while listening to your customers stories. Midnight Ramen is a visual novel game, where you play as the owner of a ramen stand. With some cooking sim elements, you’ll serve up ramen for your customers, interacting with your customers and listening to their stories while you serve them. This is a wholesome visual novel that explores some deep themes and you can get cooking from July 23rd. Wishlist here

Ova Magica - July 23rd

Dive in to a wholesome JRPG farming sim inspired by Stardew Valley and Pokemon in Ova Magica. You’ll train cute blob creatures, hatching them from eggs and breeding them to collect all the different varieties of cuteness. Explore the adorable Clover Town as you befriend the locals and take care of your farm in what looks set to be a wholesome cozy game. You can get collecting Blobs from July 23rd. Wishlist here

The Star Named EOS - July 23rd

Embark on a journey of reminiscence in The Star Named EOS, a story rich puzzle adventure. With a photography theme, you’ll recreate compositions of past photos to solve a family mystery, exploring beautiful hand drawn art and solving engaging puzzles along the way. This looks set to be the an amazing immersive narrative game, perfect for photography lovers and you can start snapping from July 23rd. Wishlist here

Tower of Dreams - July 24th

Climb your way to the top of the Tower in Tower of Dreams, a vertical roguelike platformer. In this dreamlike action game, you’ll take up the helm of a Dream Knight, using your sword to take down enemies and obstacles as you work your way up the tower. No two attempts at the tower will be the same, with a random selection of hand-crafter levels, items and side areas in each run. This looks set to be a cute and dreamy spin on a platformer game and you can get climbing from July 24th. Wishlist here

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure - July 25th

Set of on a journey of self-discovery in Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure. In this part puzzle, part adventure RPG game, you’ll venture out from your cozy confines, entering a world ruled by fear and a strange, immovable static force. With a unique grid the spans the entire world, you’ll need to choose your steps wisely as the grid moves when you do, creating a fun, and slightly chaotic game environment. This one looks set to be a puzzling adventure and you can get exploring from July 25th. Wishlist here

Weko The Mask Gatherer - July 26th

In this action adventure game, you step into the shoes of Weko, an adventurer on a quest to collect all 7 powerful primordial masks in a world full of dark secrets. Weko the Mask Gatherer is a third person game that blend exploration and real-time combat, you’ll explore a vast world, engaging in epic battles and solving puzzles to find the masks. Will you be able to harness to power of the masks? Find out from July 26th. Wishlist here

Hadley’s Run - July 30th

Go up against an alien AI threat in Hadley’s Run, an arcade roguelite shooter game. You’ll be stranded in a distant galaxy, and need to battle your way across the universe, making friends, finding love, and taking down the DraadMek along the way. With some retro arcade style gameplay and a cool spacey theme, this looks set to be a wild adventure game and you can get shooting from July 30th. Wishlist here

The Garden Path - July 30th

Discover a secret garden, and find your role within it in The Garden Path. In this wholesome gardening sim, you’ll explore a beautiful hand-drawn world, meandering through the garden at your own pace. You can fish, grow your garden, trade and make new vegetable friends in this slice of life game that’s designed to be enjoyed in small bursts. What wistful adventure awaits you down the Garden Path? Find out from July 30th. Wishlist here

That is a wrap on some upcoming indie games dropping in July. As always, if there’s any we’ve missed feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Until next time, stay caffeinated!