NEW Cozy Dungeon Crawler: Into the Emberlands First Look!

Calling all cozy gamers with a taste for adventure! Into the Emberlands might be your perfect cup of tea. This early access title blends exploration and resource gathering with a unique twist on dungeon crawling. Let’s take a sip and see what it offers.

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The world of Into the Emberlands is shrouded in a mysterious fog called the Miasma. You play as a Lightbearer, tasked with venturing into this gloom to rescue lost creatures called Knacks and gather resources to rebuild your village. The initial story sets the stage for a captivating adventure, but there’s a sense that the narrative could be fleshed out further as development progresses. Still, the existing lore provides a compelling reason for your exploration.


Venture into the Miasma with your trusty lantern, fueled by precious embers. Each step consumes an ember, and running out means becoming a lost Knack yourself, forcing you to restart from your last save point. The Miasma holds more than danger though. You’ll encounter lost Knacks to rescue, resources to gather, and even quirky creatures and machines. Different tools like axes and picks help collect wood, stone, and other materials needed to complete quests and upgrade your village.


Into the Emberlands mixes exploration with roguelite elements. Each level is procedurally generated, offering a fresh landscape to explore every time you venture out. This ensures endless replayability and keeps the experience exciting. There are no enemies to fight (yet!), but the looming threat of ember depletion adds a touch of tension while encouraging exploration at your own pace. The gameplay feels polished and well-balanced, surprising for an early access title.


Into the Emberlands is an early access gem that feels remarkably complete and polished. It offers a delightful blend of exploration, resource gathering, and dungeon crawling with a unique ember-fueled twist. While the story leaves room for growth, the core gameplay loop is fun, addictive, and perfect for relaxing sessions. With more content promised in future updates, this is a title definitely worth checking out, even in its early access stage.

So, if you’re looking for a cozy adventure with a touch of challenge, be sure to grab your lantern and dive into the world of Into the Emberlands!

Into the Emberlands is available on Steam. You can find more info here.

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