Is this the next Overcooked? Ready, Steady, Ship Full Review

There’s a fresh addition to the co-op party game scene, and it’s called “Ready, Steady, Ship!” This exciting game lets you step into the shoes of a mailperson, tasked with the critical job of delivering boxes of goods.

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In a world where humans have become too lazy to leave their homes, the survival of the human race depends on dedicated mail people who cater to their every need. You’ll work your way up through the warehouse, ensuring goods make their way into trucks for delivery. The story, while not overly explicit, is cleverly interspersed between levels and adds an extra layer of context to the game. This narrative, which perfectly complements the gameplay’s chaotic nature, earns the game a “Fully Caffeinated” rating in the story department.


Designed for two-player co-op but playable solo, “Ready, Steady, Ship” offers a multitude of challenges across its 30 levels. Each level is divided into three parts, each with different goals. Gameplay starts simple, but as you progress, new challenges like varying types of conveyor belts, box folder-up-erers, packing peanuts, and forklifts keep you on your toes. Communication is key as you navigate these challenges, making the gameplay a mix of fun and frustration — a hallmark of co-op party games. Despite some tasks in solo mode feeling a bit too difficult, the overall gameplay is enjoyable and earns a “Fully Caffeinated” rating.


The game’s performance is best experienced with a controller for optimal functionality. Although there were a few minor glitches, none were significant enough to be considered bugs. The game runs smoothly with no lag, even when using steam remote play. Despite some room for optimization, the game’s performance earns a “Juiced” rating.


As for the design, “Ready, Steady, Ship” boasts a cute aesthetic that aligns well with games like Overcooked and Moving Out. Its vibrant graphics and immersive soundtrack create a fun and chaotic atmosphere. The sound effects, which alert players to game events, add a touch of reality, earning the game’s design a “Fully Caffeinated” rating.


In terms of originality, “Ready, Steady, Ship” adds a unique spin to the beloved chaotic party genre. While it shares some mechanics with games like the Moving Out series, its conveyor belt functionality and unique challenges set it apart, earning it a “Buzzed” rating for originality.

The Final Brew

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of co-op games with a side of chaos, “Ready, Steady, Ship” is definitely worth a try. It strikes a balance between being fun and slightly frustrating, making it perfectly suited to its genre. After grinding, pressing, and brewing this game down, it’s clear: “Ready, Steady, Ship” is “Juiced.”

Ready, Steady, Ship is now available on Steam, Xbox, Ps4/5, and Switch.
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