Is Republic of Pirates the ULTIMATE Pirate Adventure Game?

What do you get if you cross Tropico style city building with Sid Meyer’s Pirate style combat.. you get an epic pirate themed city builder and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Republic of Pirates.

In this article, we’ll be giving a full review of the game and ranking it from decaf to fully caffeinated.

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Unlike most city builders, Republic of Pirates boasts a rich pirate lore. You take on the role of a pirate seeking to rebuild your colony and avenge your father after the bloody breakup of a powerful pirate league. The choose-your-own-adventure style lets you influence the story through interactions with various pirates, each with their own motives and reputations. The narrative is seamlessly woven into the gameplay, creating a captivating pirate world. For its interesting pirate story, Republic of Pirates gets a Fully Caffeinated rating.


The gameplay feels like a best-of-both-worlds scenario from the mid-2000s. The management and tycoon aspects are engaging but accessible. The core gameplay is divided into city building and piracy.

On the city-building side, you’ll establish your colony, constructing housing, resource production buildings, and structures to keep your citizens happy. The pirate twist comes with using rope, fish, and rum as happiness metrics.

The other side of the coin is taking control of your ships to explore the islands. You can gather resources from debris, engage in naval combat, and capture new islands for expansion. Each island offers unique resources, requiring strategic island selection and a strong naval force to defend against unwelcome visitors.

Choices you make throughout the game have consequences, impacting your colony’s development. The combination of city building and pirate action creates a strategic and engaging experience, offering something for both strategy and action fans.

For its engaging gameplay, Republic of Pirates gets another Fully Caffeinated rating.


The game utilizes a classic graphical style that effectively captures the Caribbean atmosphere and presents information clearly. The soundtrack perfectly complements the gameplay, shifting between chill building music and exciting battle themes. While not particularly innovative, the design successfully creates a believable pirate world. For design, Republic of Pirates gets a Juiced rating.


Originality-wise, Republic of Pirates doesn’t break new ground thematically. However, the fresh blend of city building and pirate action sets it apart from other games in the genre. This unique combination makes it enjoyable to play yet familiar enough to be easy to pick up, earning Republic of Pirates a Juiced rating for originality.


Republic of Pirates is a solid colony sim infused with pirate flavor. While it lacks the complexity of some other city builders, the action-oriented pirate aspects add a welcome layer of variation. We’ve brewed this game down, and the verdict is Juiced! It’s a fun and engaging experience for those who enjoy a bit of swashbuckling with their city building. We’ve ground the beans, we’ve carefully weighed and pressed the grinds and brewed this game down. Now it’s time for a taste test….Republic of Pirates is Juiced.

Republic of Pirates is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can find more info here.

Until next time, stay caffeinated!