First Impressions on Blue Prince – A MUST Try Demo!

The Indie Brew is back, and this time we’re taking a sip of a unique and immersive puzzle game: Blue Prince. Forget vast landscapes; this atmospheric exploration unfolds entirely within the mysterious halls of Mt Holly, a manor you’ve just inherited.

There’s one catch: to claim Mt Holly as your own, you must find the elusive Room 46. But here’s the twist: the manor’s layout changes every day. Sleep is forbidden until you succeed, so each day brings a fresh start and a chance to unravel more of the manor’s secrets.

Prefer to watch the video version? Check it out here


Blue Prince’s story is captivating without being intrusive to the gameplay. You won’t find cutscenes or dialogue, but the lore of Mt Holly unfolds as you interact with objects, read notes and letters, and uncover hidden treasures. Even the demo offers a glimpse into the manor’s rich history, and the piecing together of this story adds a layer of intrigue to the exploration.


Blue Prince presents a first-person perspective as you navigate Mt Holly’s ever-shifting layout. Upon entering, you’ll choose from three doors, each leading to a set of three unique rooms. Each room has its own characteristics and, crucially, doorways. Finding new doorways is essential, as running out means starting fresh the next day.

The gameplay goes beyond simple exploration. There are puzzles to solve, rewarding you with gems and coins. Gems unlock specific rooms, while coins can be used for items found in the shop (if you draft it!) or even taxed away in certain rooms like the chapel. Items like shovels help unearth hidden treasures, and keys unlock those pesky locked doors you encounter during your exploration.

Blue Prince takes a familiar path-building mechanic (think pipe games) and infuses it with these additional layers, creating a challenging and engaging experience. Add the immersive first-person view and the captivating story, and you have a recipe for a truly unique puzzle game.


Blue Prince’s design blends a first-person interactive environment with hand-drawn textures, resulting in a visually captivating world. The eerie and mysterious soundscape adds another layer of atmosphere, drawing you deeper into the secrets of Mt Holly. It’s definitely a game that looks amazing and creates a really intresting game environment.


Blue Prince is an addictive and immersive puzzle experience. The demo’s four-day limit left me wanting more – a testament to the game’s captivating exploration and thought-provoking puzzles. This first sip was undeniably delicious, and I eagerly await the full release. While we don’t have a confirmed date yet, stay tuned – The Indie Brew will be sure to raise a glass when it arrives!

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Until next time, stay caffeinated!