Facing Your Fears in a Haunting 2D Adventure: Noxia Somnia Review

Noxia Somnia puts you in the shoes of Tristan, a down-on-his-luck college dropout trapped in a world of evil spirits feeding on his deepest fears and anxieties.

This Indie Brew review will dissect the game, ranking it on a scale from “lukewarm” to “fully chilled”. So  let’s dive into Noxia Somnia!

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Noxia Somnia tells the tale of Tristan, stuck in a cycle of cafeteria work while battling regret and mental health issues. Trapped in a nightmarish dreamscape, you must fight through well-crafted stages, defeat powerful entities, confront your fears, and escape back to reality.

The story is immersive, weaving flashbacks of Tristan’s distorted past, creating a relatable portrayal of fear and anxiety. It’s a dark and gritty journey with twists and turns that leave you wanting more. Overall, the story is Fully Chilled.


Noxia Somnia is a 2D side-scrolling survival horror adventure, clocking in at 4-6 hours. You’ll solve puzzles, defeat themed enemies, and avoid the ever-present main boss. Utilizing collected items and upgraded weapons, the fresh yet familiar puzzle system incorporates electricity, fetch quests, NPCs, and portals. Combat is standard 2D side-scrolling with a main weapon and situational upgrades. The dodge mechanic offers valuable invincibility frames, and fallen souls grant powerful perks, especially the health-regenerating Soul of Vigor.

The forest serves as your hub, offering skill tree upgrades and a shop with items, summons, and bounties. Skills feel more impactful as the game progresses, making them worth investing in. A unique mechanic is the anxiety bar, which fills near enemies or in darkness, creating a chilling sense of dread when the boss approaches.

Noxia Somnia blends familiar and unique mechanics well, keeping you engaged throughout. The gameplay is Slightly Chilled.


The overall design of Noxia Somnia is fantastic. Pixel art, soundscapes, character design, and atmosphere perfectly complement each other, creating a range of chilling environments. The enemy design is eerie and reflects the level’s theme. For instance, the first level’s boss scissors clicking intensifies the sense of fear. Stunning level design, a great soundtrack, and detailed 2D characters create an immersive nightmare world that stays fresh throughout. The design is Fully Chilled.


While similar to other 2D side-scrollers, Noxia Somnia strives to stand out. The anxiety meter and unique storyline provide a fresh experience within the genre. The story’s originality lies in its relatable portrayal of mental health struggles. It offers a familiar structure with unique themes, a well-designed combat system, and a classic art style with a personal touch. Noxia Somnia is Slightly Chilled in originality.


Noxia Somnia is a survival horror adventure that blends thrills, a captivating story, unique gameplay, and memorable boss fights. The journey through Tristan’s nightmare is a worthy addition to the genre and a must-play for horror fans. We’ve brewed this game down, and the final verdict is Slightly Chilled

Noxia Somnia is available on Steam (Windows). You can find more info here.

Until next time, stay chilled and stay caffeinated!