22 Awesome Indie Games Coming in May

The gaming scene is set to be exciting in May 2024 with a slew of new releases lined up. Here’s a rundown of what to expect.

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Undead Inc - May 2nd

First up, we have “Undead Inc” releasing on May 2nd, a management sim where you’re in charge of a not quite legitimate medical facility. The key to success is balancing suspicion levels while you make money through various means, including creating bio weapons. As you build offices, labs, hire staff, and push the boundaries of science, remember to provide your staff with adequate PPE. This game promises to be both fun and devious. More information can be found here.

Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure - May 2nd

Also releasing on May 2nd is “Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure”. This physics-based platformer gives you the chance to experience mountain climbing from the comfort of your home. You can either venture solo or team up with a friend to climb Mount Om, meeting quirky characters on the way. There’s a whole stack of upgrades available to help you conquer the highest mountain in the world. For more details, click here.

INDIKA - May 2nd

On the same day, “INDIKA” will be available. This third-person adventure game set in 19th-century Russia is certainly intriguing. You play as a nun who shares a unique connection with the devil, and you’ll join Indika on her journey of self-discovery. The game combines a dark sense of humor with an imaginative storyline and unique puzzle elements. Check out more about it here.

Gift - May 8th

“Gift”, releasing on May 8th, is a puzzle action game that starts as a dream on a luxury cruise ship but soon turns into a nightmare. Your survival depends on your ability to navigate different puzzle-based levels and interact with a range of characters along the way. You can find out more about this nerve-wracking adventure here.

Animal Well - May 9th

On May 9th, “Animal Well” will be released. This dark platformer puzzler invites you to explore a mysterious labyrinth where you encounter different creatures, find upgrades, and uncover the well’s secrets. This game, with its dark and moody atmosphere, is sure to challenge platformer lovers. More information can be found here.

Crow Country - May 9th

May 9th will also see the release of “Crow Country”, a horror survival game that has you exploring an eerie abandoned theme park. You’ll need to solve puzzles and riddles to uncover the real reason the park was shut down and the whereabouts of its mysteriously disappeared owner. You can start unraveling the mystery here.

Little Kitty, Big City - May 9th

“Little Kitty, Big City” is another game releasing on May 9th. In this adorable exploration sim, you play as a curious kitty trying to find its way back home. You’ll explore the city, make friends with stray animals, and cause some chaos. With a range of quests to complete and a huge open-world playground to explore, this game is sure to be a cozy adventure for cat lovers. Find out more here.

Autopsy Simulator - May 9th

Also releasing on May 9th is “Autopsy Simulator”, a horror simulation game that’s not for the faint-hearted. As a middle-aged pathologist whose life has taken a turn for the worse, you conduct autopsies as part of your daily tasks. You can find more about this game here.

Fabledom 1.0 - May 13th

On May 13th, “Fabledom” gets its 1.0 release. This is a city builder game with a fairytale twist. You’ll need to collect resources, build your settlement, and establish your economy. You can also choose to raise an army or find romance. The game can be found here.

Lorelei and the laser eyes - May 16th

“Lorelei and the Laser Eyes”, releasing on May 16th, sees you entering an old hotel somewhere in central Europe, where you are quickly taken down a rabbit hole full of mystery. In this eerie adventure mystery game, you’ll need to solve puzzles, riddles, and make your way through the illusions in this surreal game. Dive into the mystery here.

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver - May 16th

Also releasing on May 16th is “Read Only Memories: Neurodiver”, a sequel to “Read Only Memories”. This pixel art point-and-click adventure game sees you play as a young psychic agent who needs to track down a mysterious antagonist hiding in people’s memories. Check it out here.

Still Joking - May 16th

“Still Joking”, another game releasing on May 16th, has you play as Iris, a reflection of a famous actress murdered in front of the mirror. This game, a story-rich interactive fiction with multiple endings, looks set to be an interesting and immersive experience. You can find more about it here.

paper trail - may 21st

On May 21st, “Paper Trail”, an origami-style puzzle game, will be released. In this beautiful watercolor-inspired game, you’ll follow Paige as she leaves her home and meet a whole range of quirky characters. There are some interesting mechanics to challenge your thinking and hidden achievements in each level for the extra challenge. Find out more here.

Harvest Hunt - May 22nd

“Harvest Hunt” will be available on May 22nd. In this first-person survival horror, you’ll play as the warden, the sole guardian of your village, Luna Nova. Each cycle is different, with a tarot-inspired system that brings hundreds of different variations of gameplay, so no two journey’s will ever be the same. Uncover the dark secrets of the land, and survive five nights of terror. The game can be found here.

Sunrise’s order 1.0 - May 22nd

On May 22nd, “Sunrise’s Order 1.0” will be released. In this game, you’ll become the proud owner of an island. This is a farming sim where you set out to establish your very own farm. You’ll clear new fields, survive the weather, and complete orders to establish your farm and make a living. This cozy and cute game can be found here.

Until then - May 23rd

“Until Then”, releasing on May 23rd, is an interactive fiction game where you step into the shoes of Mark, an average high schooler. Uncover the truth and unravel the mystery using everyday technology like social media. Build relationships with a diverse cast of characters as you explore themes of love, loss, and friendship. The game can be found here.

Hauntii - May 23rd

“Hauntii”, releasing on May 23rd, is an ethereal exploration sim where you play as a ghost on a quest for answers. Explore a handcrafted world as you unravel the mysteries of Eternity and unleash your ghostly powers. More about this mysterious world can be found here.

Zet Zillions - May 23rd

“Zet Zillions” is an engaging, story-driven roguelike deckbuilder game set to launch on May 23rd, 2024. In the game, players will find themselves in the heat of space navigation, on a mission to find a new home for humanity. Gameplay demands strategic thinking, as mastering the fusion system to combine cards will require players to stay ten steps ahead. The journey will take players through randomly generated galaxies, scavenging for resources, meeting a host of characters, and even blowing up some planets along the way. This game promises to be a quirky and explosive adventure, perfect for those ready to embark on an interstellar journey. More information can be found here.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami - May 23rd

“Duck Detective: The Secret Salami” is set to release on May 23, 2024. This cozy mystery game places you in the role of a down-on-his-luck duck who turns detective to solve a mystery. The game requires players to interview suspects, fill in the blanks, and attempt to crack the case. With a fully voice acted cast, first impressions are crucial to solving the case. Players shouldn’t forget a healthy dose of intimidation when interviewing suspects. This game, which combines elements of a cozy game with a detective spin, promises to be an enjoyable experience for players. More Info

Sunnyside - May 24th

“Sunnyside” is set to launch on May 24, 2024. In this stunning JRPG slash farming SIM game, players are tasked with transforming a plot of land in the heart of the Japanese countryside into something special. As players step into farming life, they will build their homestead, cultivate their land, and plant crops—all with a modern-day twist, including new tech to aid farming duties. The game allows players to make their farm totally self-sufficient, collecting their own water, generating their own power, keeping livestock, and creating a range of different food items. The game features a whole host of locals with distinct personalities, stories, and problems to uncover. More Info

Reus 2 - May 28th

“Reus 2”, releasing on May 28, 2024, offers players the opportunity to play God, with mighty titans at their disposal to shape a planet for humans to live on. The game encourages players to experiment with different conditions and elements to see which environment humans thrive on. Players can then watch as civilizations thrive over time on different planets throughout the universe. The game is a great pick for lovers of management or colony sim games. More Info

Skald: Against the Black Priory - May 30th

“Skald: Against the Black Priory”, set to launch on May 30, 2024, invites players to delve into a dark fantasy world. This retro-styled, part-based RPG is set in a world full of tragic heroes, violent deaths, and Lovecraftian horrors. Players embark on a dark story with their party, and will need to ensure they’re adequately prepared for their journey by building up their character and party, with different classes and backgrounds to choose from. The game looks set to be a great pick for RPG lovers. More Info

That is a wrap on some amazing indie games dropping this May!

Until next time, stay caffeinated!